MASH Dance Berlin 2024


Uri Shafir


Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) is an innovative dance centre and a leader in the field of performing arts. It is also connected to the community.
MASH presents a unique, multicultural and diverse dance scene. Each year, MASH commissions new dance work and produces original content. MASH also runs exchange programmes, dance shows and events. The centre runs the annual Jerusalem International Dance Week and an international choreography competition. MASH also helps other dance centres and festivals around the world to work together.
MASH has developed an innovative technological platform for filming, creating, and viewing dance performances in a 360 VR format. It stands at the forefront of the fusion of art and innovation in the field of stage video. Editing and projection of dance works in the VR library are presented in an interactive, immersive, and sustainable way with the assistance of VR headsets both in Israel and worldwide.

A production by Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) in co-production with DOCK ART, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.



22./23./24. August, 19 Uhr
triple show:
Uri Shafir: No Forest
Gil Kerer: Shoresh
Olivia Court Mesa: Whenever I`m alone

25.August, 19 Uhr
Uri Shafi: Habitat
[Description see text below 👇]

Duration each evening: 50 min.


25.August, 19 Uhr

Uri Shafir: Habitat

What makes a dance alive?
How can choreography be born and written each time anew, in the same moment as it is performed?
Is it possible to look at Nothingness as material? And if so, What does it look like?
What happens in the moments between the planned and the improvised? How does the dance change and respond to the space in which it exists, and how does the space affect it?

On an empty stage, with the audience seated in the round, we will dance for you a dance, and at the same time we will live for you a life. We will grow one hour older. And although we know the dance, and although we know ourselves- we will imagine that we do not. We will stop, we will suspend the next known moment, and will let Nothingness be discovered. We will let it tell us something we didn’t know - about the nature of dance, about the nature of the body, about their ability to exist in constant friction between biology and culture, between knowing and not-knowing, between the everyday and the sublime.

Dancer creators: Zuki Ringart, Uri Shafir
Music: Goldberg Variations, Johann Sebastian Bach
Rehearsal Direction: Anat Va’adia
Artistic Guidance: Sahar Azimi
Photos: Vojtech Brtnucky

The work premiered as part of the Dance Arena Festival 2017