Gil Kerer

Gil Kerer, began his professional way in dance in the young KCDC and at Vertigo Dance Company, and has since danced with numerous independent choreographers. In 2011 created his first solo, „dive“ with Anat Cederbaum which won the first prize for emerging choreographers in MaASH Festival in Jerusalem.
From 2015 work as independent choreographer, performing and touring with his pieces, in Israel and abroad, whilst giving artists workshops to diverse audiences. Joined the Israeli Choreographers Association in 2017, and as of 2018 is a resident choreographer at the Menashe Regional Council. In 2020 he was co-founder of the Menashe Dance House with the support of the Municipality.
Commissioned to create pieces for companies, dance program and festivals such as Vertigo Training program(IL), Haifa Training Program(IL), Oberlin College(Ohio), Malta Art Festival, Aura Dance Theatre(Lithuania), Kaet Ensemble(Jerusalem) and Maya Dance Theatre(Singapore) and Tanz Theater Pforzheim(Germany).
Received awards for his choreographies in festivals and competitions in Israel (MASH), Sweden (IL Dance), Germany (Hannover) and Denmark(CICC).
In 2021 received the Israeli Ministry of Culture Award for dance and interpretation for his duet piece Concerto for Mandolin and Strings in C Major by Vivaldi, and in 2022 the Ministry of Culture Award for emerging choreographer.
In his work Gil looks for a presence of gentle movement, searching for a human and intimate physical expression.

photo: Liron Weissmann