Degrees of Freedom

A Duet about Love by Team Volume

In times of climate change and its catastrophes, of pandemics, economic crisis, war and flight, we are yearning for love. Sex parties, partner apps and cruising have never been as popular as they are today: people long for intimacy, while digitalisation and the economy create a separate, self-sufficient human being.
The compensation of an entire society that uses consumption and capital as a joy or substitute for love is juxtaposed with a movement of love and companionship. Finding the dream partner or the perfect date with a click - the non-commitment as a partial companion of this human encounter.
What happens when age, illness or simply the real person becomes visible in a relationship? Can people stand intimacy and long-term relationships? Do they make sense? Does monogamy as a social norm make sense and why are we still dealing with this question? Friday for Future Generation, emos, drugs that amplify feelings instead of numbing them (MDMA) and others. A new type of socialisation? How can love relationships emerge and last in narcissistic societies?

Johanna Strauß-Lemke, Therese Witt, Teresa Monfared, Jacob Stoy.
For the work Degrees of Freedom, Team Volume collaborate conceptually and performatively with Asier Solana and Tilman Strauß.

Photo: Therese Witt

A production by Team Volume in co-production with DOCK ART, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.