Degrees of Freedom

Team Volume & guests

Degrees of Freedom

A collaborative performance about freedom, love and connections.

The collective Team Volume explores between poetry and activism and finds its expression in collabo-rative research.
In Degrees of Freedom, freedom and love are the central themes for the laboratory-like performative installation, in which dance, music and text correspond as unifying languages. Can art change any-thing? What do freedom and love mean in 2022?

In times of climate catastrophes, pandemics, economic crises, war and flight, we yearn for love. Sex parties and partner apps support this drive: people long for intimacy, while digitalisation and the econ-omy propagate an autonomous individual satisfied with her*himself.
In the constant search for encounters, for love, freedom and connections, the collaborative project asks about closeness and distance, about loneliness and togetherness in our society shaped by consumption and capital. What is it – relationship? How much and what intimacy do we need? And how much freedom is left to each individual? Monogamy as a social norm?

The collective Team Volume including Johanna Strauß-Lemke (dance / choreography), Jacob Stoy (music / sound design), Therese Witt (costume / photography) and Teresa Monfared (stage) together with lighting designer Asier Solana and actor Tilman Strauß continues its exploration of collective work with Degress of Freedom - in a non-hierarchical space.

With and by: Johanna Strauß-Lemke, Therese Witt, Teresa Monfared, Jacob Stoy. Tilman Strauß and Asier Solana.
Photo: Therese Witt

Language: german, english
Duration: 60 min.

A production by Team Volume in co-production with DOCK ART, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.