triton tanzt. twisted trident.

Peter Pleyer

triton tanzt. twisted trident.

What does Bruno Latour mean when he writes about our present "in this volatile situation
is it first and foremost necessary to regain firm ground under your feet and then reorientate yourself"?

Does it have anything to do with "bonding with the earth" from Nancy Stark Smith's Underscore and the possibility of twisting and the spirals that are so important in my work?
How do we move in the "critical zone" as he describes it, near the ground and connected with all living beings and objects, and what do we use our attention for?

My research into the history of release technique and my way of telling dance stories are twisted and devoured in a whirlwind.
The ghosts of Diane Torr and Doran George are called, and I tell stories how I met Deborah Hay and Steve Paxton 26 years ago and what connected me as a gay man from a working-class family with the Frankfurt Ballet of Bill Forsythe.

After a shamanic journey many years ago in Ponderosa, I got the advice to take a trident with me in my teaching and my performances, it would give me strength and authority. I have not followed this advice until now ...

Peter Pleyer's solo "triton dances. twisted trident." celebrated its premiere at DOCK 11 in 2019 and is now, after a pre-pandemic tour to Prague back on stage in Berlin.

Concept: Peter Pleyer
Performance: Peter Pleyer
Set, costume, art direction: Michiel Keuper
Graphic design: Peter Pleyer
Photo: Markéta Bendová

Language: Deutsch/Englisch
Duration: 90 min

Vorschaubild Video

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