Times of Transformation

DOCKeleven Company & Doreen Haberland

Times of Transformation

Times of Transformation is a dance theatre piece by the Junior Company of DOCK11 in collaboration with choreographer Doreen Haberland.

From the magic of light, to monotony in everyday life, to machine-like robots, everything exhausts itself in subversion to almost a revolution of absolute silence.
Transformation of things - where do they lead?
Into fluently moving anemones.
The small moments of joy pop up and exhilarate the mind into the great joy of dancing and living.
Relieved, and eternally bound to dancing, we return to the magic of light.
How lucky we are to be able to dance. Come let us all dance!

Dance: Students of the DOCKeleven Company
Choreography: Doreen Haberland
Photo: Ann Kristin Kühl

A production by DOCK 11 in co-production with DOCK ART, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe