Doreen Haberland

Doreen teaches at both DOCK 11 and EDEN locations.
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Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

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Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin

Creative children's dance for children from 4 years old.
In the class, children learn how their bodies and movements can be explored and discovered through play. They slowly learn the technical basics of modern dance through spech verses or musical accompaniment.
Physical expression skills can be developed and trained in playful dance and through the use of materials, costumes, as well as spatial design elements. Stories and fantasy journeys are a nice way to give the children space for creativity. Through physical-musical experience, a feeling for dance and rhythm slowly develops.

Modern for children 9-11 years and teenagers 12 years and older
In this course the techniques and basics of modern dance are taught and a basic musical understanding is acquired.
The movement sequences vary with contraction and relaxation, body isolation and spatial alignment. Elements from yoga are included in the warm-up.
Spatial movement sequences are experienced and learned in the diagonal as well as in space.
In the choreographies there is room for improvisation and imagination, in which the creative potential of the children and young people is encouraged. In improvisation, sometimes with partner work, they learn to trust their fellow dancers and themselves.

Yoga for children and teenagers from 5 years
Yoga for kids & teens is about building a good feeling towards your own body. In a creative and humorous way we learn stabilizing and stretching exercises that help to keep the body fit, strengthen and stretch tense muscles. The relationship to breathing during the exercises is deepened and prolonged. Breathing exercises are learned so that the body can relax more and more. The metabolism is stimulated, health is strengthened, and a positive aura can become noticeable. Dance elements enrich the yoga classes and leave room for improvisation and creativity. Practicing together brings joy and creates a great group feeling.

Doreen received her three-year stage dance training for modern dance at the dance school for performing arts die Etage in Berlin. Afterwards she did a one-year children's dance teacher training for creative children's dance and modern dance for teenagers at Tanztangente Berlin with Leonore Ickstaedt. For several years she was a dancer with the Audio Ballerinas with Benoit Mauobrey in Germany and abroad. She received her four-year yoga teacher training BDY/EYU at the Yoga Akademie Berlin, as well as her one-year children and youth teacher training at the Yogaschule Mecklenburg Vorpommern Meteln with Petra Proßowsky. She also attended further training courses in Pilates, Qi Gong, Anusara Yoga and meditation. She has been teaching dance and yoga for children and young people at Dock 11 and Eden for 23 years.