double bill, Contemporary Dance

solar bear / an album

Lena Klink / Erika Kooki Filia

solar bear / an album

solar bear – Lena Klink

Under the weight of old worlds, solar bear wakes up in speculative futures. Instinctively he starts to move. He learns to play with the weight. Learns to transform, to form, to grow. In the process, new worlds keep piling up, evolving and swallowing themselves whole. solar bear stands for a transformed figure in the future that constantly adapts to changes in the environment and tries to recycle given elements of the world.

In Solarpunk's vision of the future, the energy needed is generated using only renewable resources and successfully limiting environmentally harmful emissions. The aesthetics of the alternative art movement are characterized by the fusion of futuristic elements and Art Nouveau,. Seaking harmonise with nature. How such a world can be socially realized for all the people of the world is shown by the rapsing of visions against current realities. In cyberpunk visions of the future, post-apocalyptic conditions are often described in which survival would only be ensured by augmenting the human body with technology. Tuning one's own body into a cyborg through masks, technological sensors, visual aids or social adaptation can allow people to grow beyond their own limits of possibilities.
solar bear, being affected by those visions, tries to rewrite and plays with the idea of creating an aesthetic example in which organic and inorganic life can be powered by the sun and tries to balance utopian and dystopian sequences surrounded by melting icebergs.

Performance, Choreography: Lena Klink (she/her)
Performance Sound: ASA 808 (he/they)
Light Design: Vito Walter (he/him)

Thanks to the nein9 community, who carried the solo and provided dramaturgical support.

an album – Erika Kooki Filia

This piece should be approached as a short amateur punk album, where we will co-sing futile systemic grievances, try to flirt and observe the idea of deconstructing ballet, whilst decorating a Christmas tree that will decent to nothingness. Bound by informality this piece will try to knit short personal and collective commentaries around patterned embodiment of social defeat in four chroreographic songs.

Affected by necropolitics, the politics of location and the idea that neither the human
nor the topos(:space) is universal, this piece came as a mean of understanding and a need of redefining the consensus of what it means to be human (a term that is not neutral), through breaking down the classicist, neoliberal, patriarchal expected forms. How can space be found for everyone?

Choreography, performance: Erika Kooki Filia (they/them)
Music, sound design: Samuel Boldrini (he/him)

Special thanks to Hari Krishna and Sofia Pouchtou for their help


double bill

solar bear
Duration: 35-40 min

Break 15 min

an album
Language: English
Duration: 20-25 min


The premieres of these two works took place as part of the second edition of the Blank Check Festival on 21 September 2023 at DOCK 11 / DOCK ART; produced, curated and performed by nein9 and with the kind support of DOCK ART.

Photo: Harriet Meyer