MASH DANCE Berlin 2022

selected works by choreographers and artists from Israel

MASH DANCE Berlin 2022

Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) Jerusalem presents selected works by choreographers and artists from Israel over three days.

Choreographers and Dancers: Andrea Martini, Hillel Kogan, Roni Chadash, Ori Lenkinski, Dana Ruttenberg, Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor

CEO MASH: Ruby Edelman
Technical manager: Yan Ardashnikova
Production: Amy Fine
Photo: Pini Snir (Goofy-Roni Chadash)

Language: English
Duration: each evening 50-60 min.

A production by Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) Jerusalem in co-production with DOCK ART, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.
Supported by: Embassy of Israel in Berlin



May 27 2022 – 7pm
The Third Dance a duett by Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor

May 28 2022 – 7pm
Everything must go a trio by Dana Ruttenberg

May 29 2022 – 6pm
The Third Dance a duett by Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor

May 29 2022 – 8.30pm
The Suit a solo by Ori Lenkinski & Goofy a solo by Roni Chadash


The Third Dance
a duett by Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor

In their work, Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor reflect upon themes of love, mortality and the need to be acknowledged. “The Third Dance” starts with romanticism and its clichés – music by Mahler, flowers and a record player – but gradually uncovers a basic human need that lies beneath these cultural symbols.
Following “Two Room Apartment” from 2012, “The Third Dance” is the second creation by Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor that is inspired by the work of Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gal.
A couple in life and on stage, Sheinfeld & Laor revisit a seminal piece in Israeli dance and contemplate it from a contemporary stance acknowledging the time that has passed since their last duet: the changes in their bodies and relationship, their perception of stage and space and their interaction with the audience.

Choreographed and performed by Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor
Inspired by The Third Dance by Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal (1990)
Rehearsal manager & advisor: Yael Venezia, Melanie Berson
Artistic consultant: Keren Levi
Light Design: Rotem Elroy
Still photos: Efrat Mazor / Music: Gustav Mahler, Elton John, Steve Harley, Alphaville
Co-producers: Theater im Pumpenhaus (Munster, Germany), and CCNR (Rillieux la Pape, France).

Everything must go
a trio by Dana Ruttenberg

Take everything you have. Put it in Piles. Does it spark joy for you? keep it. If it does not, be willing to let it go” (M. Kondo).

In a "garage sale", everything is taken out. You, the visitor, decide what is junk and what is a treasure. And if you do decide to take something with you, you help us let it go.
This is a farewell ritual. It's Bob Dylan. It's the track that played during that first kiss, and the one that accompanied the last breath. It's an homage to empty hands that long to be filled.

Choreography: Dana Ruttenberg
collaborating performers: Andrea Costanzo Martini, Hillel Kogan, Dana Ruttenberg
Rehearsal Director: Melanie Berson
Dramaturgy Advisor: Nataly Zuckerman
Sound design: Binya Reches
Props assistance: Lital ReissStyling: Adi (Didoo) Sharaby
Producer: Sigal Dahan
Light Design: Nadav Barnea
“Everything Must Go” is an original production of MASH Dance House. It was created with the support of the Suzanne Dellal Centre Artist-in Residence Program and received support from the Israeli Lottery Foundation.

Solo by Ori Lenkinski

On Valentine’s Day, 1962, Jackie Kennedy invited television cameras into the White House to what would become an iconic tour of the extensive renovation she championed. In doing so, she reshaped the world’s image of the First Lady and of ladies altogether.

In Tel Aviv, 2019, armed with a pink suit (not a Chanel), Ori Lenkinski summons Kennedy’s energy to take the audience on a tour of the here and now.

Concept / Choreography / Performance: Ori Lenkinski
Music: Chubby Checker, Pablo Casals
Artistic Advisors: Rachel Erdos, Renana Raz, Ofer Amram

Solo by Roni Chadash

"To the woman he said.. and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you." Genesis 3:16

‘Goofy’ in Hebrew means MY body. I wanted to put a question mark on this ownership and to expose how easily it can be violated.
My body is playing with your gaze; how quickly can a body transform from an object to a subject? from multiple organs with no identity to a clear image of a woman?

Choreography / Performance: Roni Chadash
Rehearsal manager: Dana Shoval
Music: Arvo Part, Nicolas Jaar, Chopin