Multimedia Performance

In Your Body

Yeri Anarika

In Your Body

„In Your Body" portrays the dual nature of man: On the one hand, the creative, innovative and visionary force and on the other, the uncompromising pursuit of economic advantage through power and control.
The performance combines dance, cello, electronic music and multimedia to convey a message about standardised global food production and its impact on people and the environment.

Together with the musicians and the play of light and projections, the dancer Juan Tirado shows the complex life of a man, ranging from intelligence, ambition and seductive charisma to cunning, dominance and despair. Juan Tirado achieves expressive nuances with his dance that correspond to the multi-layered character of his role.

Idea, artistic direction, choreography: Yeri Anarika
Dance, Choreography: Juan Tirado
Music cello: Luise Rau
Live electronics: Katrine Bregnum
Video installation: Paul Rohlfs
Multimedia, lighting: Joseph Devitt Tremblay
Assistant director: Fred Gehrig
Management: Cornelia Baumgart/Umtanz
Photos: Tom Schweers

Duration: 90 min
Language: German, English


A project by UMtanz e.V.
The premiere in May 2023 was supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR, in cooperation with DOCK 11 / DOCKdigital and Kilobow Kleinow e.V.

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Synthese - Web Screener by Paul Rohlfs