Performance, Dance, Installation

In the Shadow of Forward Motion

Layton Lachman

In the Shadow of Forward Motion

As an invocation to our ability to shift identities into, out of, beyond and within, Layton Lachman dances in known ways and weird ways. They burrow in, getting under the skin of transformation, digging for ways trauma and joy shift identity. What happens when you are intimate with the stranger of your own body? What emerges when we embrace the enigmatic? In this solo, the self is not static — it is a game/cast of characters/motley crew. Lachman plays, eyes closed, with the malleability of their body, how it is sensed from within and performed, how it is perceived by themself and by the audience, without searching for a resting place. Indeed, what seems clear turns out not to be. Pronouncements get awkward, the body turns inside out.

Direction, Performance: Layton Lachman (they)
Sound: Samuel Hertz (he)
Lights: Dani Paiva de Miranda (he)

Language: Englisch
Duration: 70 min