Olivia Court Mesa

Olivia Court Mesa is a Chilean-Israeli choreographer, performer, teacher, improviser and researcher, devoted to performance art for the past 25 years. Olivia began making her own work in 2006 while living in Germany and since then her work has been presented in Israel, Europe, and South America. Olivia’s choreographic work is heavily influenced by a lifetime of practicing floor work, partnering, and contact improvisation. She tries to challenge conventional gender roles and searches for a deep understanding of what empowers male and female, looking at how both can be contained in one body. Olivia’s work has received many awards including: 2017 Israel Ministry of Culture Award for Best Solo Performer; 2022 Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition, XL Production award, Audience award, and two Partner awards; and 2022 Israel Ministry of Culture Award for Best Performance.