Jules Petru Fricker

Jules Petru Fricker (CH/RO) is an interdisciplinary artist interested in choreography and moving image. Deeply rooted in the practices of the dancing rituals Fricker finds ways of summoning otherworldly, utopian is-lands of longing with the notion of hope that reference queerfeminist science-fiction. Fricker’s works are informed by autobiographical elements and work with utopian imagination, or magical fabulations as a form of political resistance critiquing the normative society. Fricker’s stage alter ego, LEGZ, was born in 2018 out of the need of expansion and form of liberation in the experi-mental queer drag scene. In their collaborations they worked with musician Bendik Giske, Aisha Devi, and institutions like Astrup Fearnley Museum, KW, Parcours Art Basel, Gemäldegalerie, Tischlerei Deutsche Oper Berlin, or HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin.

Photo: Agata Guevara