Students of DOCK 11 and EDEN



22. April 2023
Group 1 - 12 h and 13.30 h
Group 2 - 15 h and 16 h

23. April 2023
Group 3 - 12 h and 13.30 h

INFO > All performances take place at EDEN. Address: EDEN, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin
Due to the expected high number of spectators, the groups will show their pieces two times each. Each group will show the same piece two times.
Group 1 = Students from Doreen + Beatrice + Lisa
Course numbers: EK1315, EK1316, EK1317, EK1515, DK1216, DK3115, DK3116
Group 2 = students from Carina + Ronja + Lisa
Course numbers: DK1317, EK1216, EK1217, DK1116, DK2216, DK2217
Group 3 = students from Alena + Nadja + Lisa
Course numbers: EK1116, DK3315, DK1416, DK3517, DK2316, EK1417, EK1416
Which course is hidden behind the course numbers you can find in our course schedules. Our colleagues at the receptions will also help you. DOCK 11/Prenzlauer Berg course schedule, EDEN/Pankow course schedule, For questions please contact:


Students of the children's dance classes are presenting their dance pieces and choreographies.

This year's children's dance piece by DOCK 11 and EDEN, which will be performed by students of the age between 5 and 10 years, is dedicated to the four seasons of the year. GeZeiten deals with the connections between humans, nature and the four seasons.

As a child as well as adults, we experience the changing of the seasons as a natural process of growth that we are deeply entangled with. GeZeiten brings together a variety of perspectives about the seasons and the impact of the climate crisis.

The seasons are an expression of the ever-changing ecosystem of which we are a part of and at the same time surrounded by. They set the rhythm of our lives. Through them we develop our individual and collective rituals, our own ways of exchange and encounters. All living beings have accumulated a great knowledge of what each of these different phases of the year brings. GeZeiten is an active exploration and creative exchange with these aspects.

With: Students of the DOCK 11 EDEN dance school and their teachers Doreen Haberland, Beatrice Kruschke, Lisa Oettinghaus, Aléna Birzele, Carina Otte, Nadja Haas, Ronja Häring
Costume: Anna Mirkin
Photo: SLGM

Duration: 30-40 min
Language: German

A production by DOCK 11 in cooperation with DOCKART, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.