Registration & FAQs

The 2 G regulation + distance rule from 18 years applies(exept professional training 3 G + distance rule) - We ask you to read through the vaccination / proof of health regulations and hygiene and distance requirements, further down in the text, and to comply on site.

Members with an active monthly contract will go to their regular classes as usual. You do not need a new bookingthrough the digital class schedule/fitogram. Exception Online Classes All students:in with valid monthly contracts have unlimited free access to online classes. Pre-registration through fitogram is required even with an active monthly contract.

Booking regular classes through our digital course schedule/fitogram is only necessary for NEW monthly contracts, single/trail classes & our online classes. Please click on the links to book classes directly. And follow the instructions in the shop.

When registering the fitogram account, please note that for children/youth classes, you must enter the name of the child/participant in the "Meine Daten" field.

Please choose a shortly date in fitogram.
Fully booked courses are really fully booked, please do not choose later dates in the future.

If you need instructions on how to register and more information, you can find it below.

Direct course booking >DOCK 11 course schedule > booking
Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Direct course booking >EDEN course schedule > booking
Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin

We aim for continuous enrolled groups, so we recommend that you sign up for a monthly contract. You can sign a monthly contract for yourself or your child(ren) at any time, provided there is a place in the desired course.
All adult courses can be booked as single lessons. Please try only once per teacher.
The situation is different for children's and youth courses, where you can only book a trial lesson once, after that we ask you to sign a monthly contract.
If you or your child cannot come to the lesson, it is possible to make up for it in another lesson (within 1 month).
The cancellation period for a monthly contract is one month.
Link GTCs contract PDF

Some of our studio classes are also available for Urbansportsclub members.
Please book the classes via the UBC App.

Christmas break
We have from 20.12.-31.12.21 Christmas break. In the period no courses take place. All courses will continue in the new year from 3.1.22.

For general questions/registration/cancellation please contact:

by phone:
general questions
DOCK 11 Reception Mo-Fr 10-18 h: 030 - 4481222
EDEN Reception Mo-Fr 10-18 h: 030 - 35120312

Questions about charging off:

For the protection of all students/parents as well as our staff we have taken comprehensive hygiene and protection measures. We therefore ask you to read the following hygiene and distance rules and to follow them on site.

We are convinced that everyone will follow them. Our teaching concepts are based on the idea that you are only allowed to move in studio on a marker.

2G REGULATION - proof of complete vaccination / proof of recovery:

The 2G obligation does not apply to persons under 18 years of age and dancers in profi training, they can also be tested negatively. This also applies to persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, these must have tested negative by means of a test and prove the inoculation capability by means of a medical certificate.

Testing is only compulsory from the age of 6.
For students, the test results of the 2 x weekly test at school are sufficient. Please bring proof.

For adults 18 years and older, please show a complete vaccination or a certificate of recovery from Corona.

Attendance documentation:

All courses with an active monthly contract as well as trial and individual lessons are registered in the system/fitogram and do not need to log in via the Luca app. All others please register via the Luca app or handwritten form.

Spacing requirement:

The 10m2 rule with glittered squares applies. The squares are still being replaced with gold stars, please keep these in mind until we can eventually use the 5m2 rule again. The crosses in the studio are the 5m distance rule, please do not observe them.

The following rules must be observed:

  • Mask compulsory, up to the place where you dance
  • the 1,5 m distance rule applies.
  • when entering please disinfect your hands
  • check in at the counter
  • show negative test result or vaccination certificate with complete and 15 days old vaccination.
    regarding the attendance documentation, there are on-site options to leave your contact information via the Luca app or fill out a form.
  • Please come in training clothes (the dressing rooms and showers are still closed).
  • children and teenagers will be picked up by the teachers and brought to the back exit after the training - all classes end 10 min earlier
  • each studio has an entrance and an exit at a different place, this ensures that groups do not mix
  • please place all bags, shoes and belongings at the exit during class
  • please bring warm clothes, there will be several airings during the classes
  • please assist the teachers in closing the windows when the music is loud and opening them when the music is quiet.
  • Please leave the studio quickly, there will be airing and mopping between classes.
    Come in time before the class starts and leave the studio on time and directly. All classes end 10 min earlier.
  • For the Yoga and Pilates classes please bring your own mats, blocks.


We thank all members who have stayed through for supporting DOCK 11 & EDEN with all staff and spaces so that we can continue. Students with an active monthly contract can participate in the workshops for free. More activities will follow.


Booking for NEW Monthly Contracts, Single- Trail-/Professional Classes & Online Classes >

For classes at DOCK 11 > Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

For classes at EDEN > Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin

Studio classes

How do I register myself or my child?

Participants with already valid and completed DOCK 11 course contract do not need to register via fitogram. Simply register at the reception desk.

Trial single lessons and NEW monthly contracts

For all children/youth and adult courses we ask for online booking via our digital booking system/fitogram for single lessons/trials/new monthly contracts. Trial lessons for children/youth courses are only possible once per teacher/class, after that we ask you to sign a monthly contract. When booking a trial lesson, we cannot guarantee a place for a monthly contract in the particular course.

This is how the booking for studio classes for trial single lessons and NEW monthly contracts works
Please click on the link > Booking/Fitogram > select/search the desired date and click on more > please follow the instructions in the store.
Note: If you have not yet created an account in our store, please register again. (this can also affect participants with a valid monthly contract).

! Important note > If you create an account in fitogram > please note when registering for children and youth courses under "my data" to enter the name of the child/participant> select desired date> select product.

If you want to register more than one child, please create two accounts with the name of the other child. Unfortunately it does not work with the same mail address, please use different ones for this.

Online classes

All students with valid monthly contracts have unlimited free access to online classes. For online classes, pre-registration via fitogram is required even with an active monthly contract in one of our Live_Studio classes. For older course contracts that we have transferred to the new system, it may be that the debit runs through fitogram, but there is not yet a separate account. Please create an account and register in fitogram for the online classes.
Single lessons payers
For 7.- Euro per class you can book and pay the lessons in the same way as the single lessons of the face-to-face classes.

Registration/Booking of Online Classes
We ask you to book the desired online class in time via the store. This also applies to participants with a valid monthly contract > Because 15 minutes before the start of the online class an automated email will be sent to all participants with the corresponding zoom link.

I have cancelled a class/the class has been cancelled on our part

If you or we have to cancel a booking, you will receive a credit for another class, not a financial refund. You will find this credit in your fitogram account when you select a new date/class, marked 1/1 in the product list. If you would like a refund, please contact

Fully booked courses

For trial classes or monthly contract bookings, please select a shortly date in the fitogram store.
Fully booked courses are really fully booked, please do not choose later dates in the future.

I would like to cancel a monthly contract

The cancellation has to be done in written form to the respective day of the membership start in the month.
The cancellation period is 1 month. You can send the cancellation via e-mail to.
Mail: or by mail to: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

I would like to change the class
Please send us a mail to: