DOCKdigital organizes the festival Humandroid and sees itself as a fluid, free network for the creation of art in connection with physical and immersive experiments.
As part of Humandroid, DOCKdigital actors are now presenting artworks on 1300 square meters that make it possible to experience the field of tension between digital and real bodies through the eyes of different curators. Imaginary worlds of choreographers can be digitally visualized, multiplied and changed, so that the artists can find themselves in different identities.

During the pandemic, the flight forward led into digital space. Research by dancers, choreographers and movement researchers on the one hand and 3D, game and system designers and media artists on the other were dedicated to the digitization of real bodies in real spaces.

The merging of both worlds generates intense works worth seeing in a new way.


September 14 - 24, 2022
DETAILED PROGRAM >> Humandroid 2022

Address: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Germany.




interactive PERFORMANCES / double bill
NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS and DOCKdigital combine their technical equipment - AR glasses and motion capture suits. They are developing a so far unique AR loopmachine, which will be provided to artists. Yui Kawaguchi presents the first work with this technology: Du musst Dein Leben rendern!
Media artist Chris Ziegler combines AR glasses and motion tracking in his project Pop-up-Stage ARENA, an immersive solo dance performance with dancer Unita Gaye Galiluyo.
September 15-18, several times, at the theater, tickets 15/10 euro


The Sensation of Biting Into a Peach And Letting The Juice Run Down Your Chin
curated by ENTKUNSTUNG and Herwig Scherabon
September 14-24, 11-21.30 h, in Saal 4, free entrance


The collaboration between media artist, Herwig Scherabon, and choreographer, Tanja Saban, explores the intimacy of the body with its surrounding. The work is based on terrain 3D-scans, drone videos and sound recordings from Maloja in the Swiss Alps.
September 14 and 23, 20.00 h, in Saal 4, free entrance


Felix Ruckert presents RINGdigital
September 17 and 18, 11-21.30 h, in Saal 1, free entrance


Brit Rodemund presents Copy-Catch-Match, inspired by "Catalogue" by William Forsythe
September 17 and 18, 11-21.30 h, in Saal 2, free entrance


cross:play@DE:HIVE Game Hub shows interactive works from the lab Character Design meets Movement Research
September 17 and 18, 11-21.30 h, in Saal 3, free entrance
TALK: "THINK Real Bodies"
Hands-On exchange about physicality, realness, experiences & digital interaction in the exhibition
September 17 from 16:00-17:30 h, in Saal 3, free entrance


TRANS CORPORAL FORMATIONS a 5 channel video installation by Tobias Staab in cooperation with dancers from Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference
September 17 and 18, 11:00-21:30 h and September 19 - 24, 19.30-21.30 h, in Saal 5, free entrance


Decoding it the hard way is a multimedia dance performance created by the dancer Lea Karnutsch and the media artist Ferdinand Doblhammer. Two server racks, wired to each other with 96 network cables symbolize its revealed connections. The entangled performers try to decrypt the black box with brute force.
September 24, 20 h, in Saal 4, free entrance


Espacio Ilusorio 1 (Illusory space) is a Sound-Performance where media artist Javier Rojas stages sensory, imaginary worlds. In this space inside space, one is invited to delve into a purely personal auditive emotion.
September 24, 21:00 h in Saal 4, free entrance