welcome to the void

Sara Shelton Mann

welcome to the void

welcome to the void – you can choose the absolute or the section that has everything. A moment of passage into an interim that has no exit or entrance – we find ourselves mid-thought, aspirations hanging like fairies in the wind, feet dropping through ice, heart pounding while breathing in the silence of somewhere.

The performance will be preceded by the analog film installation 7 Excavations created by U.S. based artists Tori Lawrence and Sara Shelton Mann during the height of the pandemic, civil protests, and California's wildfires. 7 Excavations - Revolutions of the past cycle into the present and foreshadow an uncertain future.

Director: Sara Shelton Mann
Lead collaborator Jesse Zaritt
Sound design: Niall Jones
Analog film installation: Tori Lawrence
Dance, Management, Publicity: Ellie Goudie-Averill and Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp
Photo: Robbie Sweeny

A production by Sara Shelton Mann in co-production with DOCK ART, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe