A Cosmic Drift Mega Mini festival


Nov 11th-13th the 3 G regulation & Nov 14th the 2 G regulation applies

A Galactic Lottery Mega Mini festival
A Whimsical Supernova Mega Mini festival
An Oozing Affair Mega Mini festival

T.E.N.T. invites you into our glorious meteor shower of lavish entertainment. Enter the presence of something grotesque and stellar, a rare constellation, a grand pile of dark matter to sift through, looking for a glint of hope or gold. We invite you to four evenings of evolving stories that share space and collide on a cosmic drift. Each night there will be a heaping cluster of art, debris and gems. Please join us for this wild and sprawling festival of evening performances in the theater, one-on-one performances hosted by Club for Performance Art Gallery and a closing night of celestial sounds with hot Berlin DJs.

T.E.N.T. is a research in understanding how to craft a universe, and how it comes into being through love. We love transforming the spaces that we occupy, we love to make something mundane into something unfamiliar, gory and grand. It encourages, engorges, and celebrates the fact that it is a blend or an assemblage of different artists. T.E.N.T. is conceptualized & curated by Caroline Neill Alexander, Layton Lachman, Ivanka Tramp in collaboration with Camila Malenchini. Joined by Alistair Watts, Marga Alfairao, Sharon Mercado Nogales, Kiana Rezvani, lemonboy, MINQ, Martin Hanson & Sandhya Daemgen, as well as 20+ artists from Club for Performance Art.

The Performance Lottery (November 14th) is a lottery of performances brought to you by the Club for Performance Art Gallery.
The Club for Performance Art Gallery is a space for live-performances that was created during the lockdown with the intention of coping with the suspension of performative practice. We invited artists to show work in the format of one on one live-performance/lecture/exchange events (one artist vs. one audience member). Even though we are currently facing less restrictions and the theaters are open again, we hold on to this format to offer it as a space for intimate encounters with different invited artists in Dock 11 and its surroundings.
You will find out which performance you will see on the day of the event. The ticket raffle will take place from 17:00 to 19:00. One ticket is valid for one-to-one performance that will take place outside, near DOCK 11. During the ticket raffle there will be different DJ/sound performances in the theater, which will frame your visit before and after the one-one performance.

Participating artists: Ana Laura Lozza, Cajsa Godee, Alice Chauchat, Eddy Levin, Eli Wewentxu, Etaïnn Zwer, Inky Lee, Judith Förster, Kiana Rezvani, Lyllie Rouviere, Jee Chan, Layton Lachmann, Liina Magnea, Sharon Mercado, Camille Käse, Ailin Formia, Alex Viteri, Alice Chauchat, Caitlin Fisher, Cathy Walsh, Denise Lim, Duncan Routh, Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez, Juan Pablo Camara, Daniel Miranda, Spencer Carter

Thurs, November 11th
19.00 Performances
Alistair Watts - THE RIDE
Sharon Mercado Nogales & Kiana Rezvani- Earth Beings

Fr, November 12th
19.00 Performances
Camila Malenchini & Marga Alfairao - Wet Eyes
Caroline Neill Alexander - Die Jungfräuliche Braut

Sat, November 13th
19.00 Performances
Alistair Watts - THE RIDE
Caroline Neill Alexander - Die Jungfräuliche Braut

Sun, November 14th note > on this evening the 2 G regulation applies
17:00 - 19:00 Club for Performance Art Gallery (one on one Performance Lottery)
17:00 - DJ - lemonboy does lemonboy
18:00 - DJ - MINQ
19:00 - DJ - Martin Hanson & Sandhya Daemgen - The Waves

Photo: Frederike Doffin