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Azathoth approaches the queerness of the cosmos – a meditation on knowing, meaning, and beauty.

Azathoth is a practice/performance, elaborating on the beauty of meaning-making as utterly multiple and chaotic. Foregrounding the queerness of the cosmos, the elation and horror of the unknowable. The practitioners – movers and musicians alike – embody individual journeys within a collective mythology. Their continuous transformation at the limit of communication. All participants are invited to meditate on the origination, creation, transmission, and interpretation of meaning.
Devised as a practice-based experiment, Azathoth beckons the void to permeate form and substance, seeking to be radically emergent, its territories soft yet saturated.

Omer Keinan
with Máté Asbót, Raz Mantell, Susanna Ylikoski
and Roi Becker
Photo: Agnes Luck Galp

Language: english
Duration: 55 Min.