nein9 kollektiv

nein9 is a Berlin-based performance and movement community. After studying at SEAD in Salzburg, they founded a platform for performance, research and practice in Berlin in 2021, where different and contrasting approaches to art making are elaborated, negotiated and celebrated. Since its inception, the collective has realised various projects with the support of DIS-TANZEN of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland. They have participated in several residencies and have collaborated with artists from various disciplines in Berlin and beyond.

Nein9’s programming takes two distinct forms: Blank Check produces performances and workshops hosted and curated by the community. Grassroots supports intra-community exchange of information, knowledge, and inspiration. Guests and new collaborators are regularly invited to participate in these events and processes and share their artistic interests.

artists: Lena Klink, Omer Keinan, Raz Mantell, Ruby Frances Jones, Susanna Ylikoski