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DOCK 11 EXPANDED links the stage space with spaces of perception and reflection. Questions can merge into one another and processes and metamorphoses arise between different forms of presentation. Essay, soundart, podcasting, storytelling, conversations and poems place themselves alongside live arts in an accompanying as well as moderating and impulsive way. Therefore, a space of mutual interaction of different corporealities and sensualities can emerge.

“When it comes to the performative arts, the body becomes a medium, an instrument, an area of representation, and a stage at the same time. It can be observed while creating movement. This bodily notion of movement can be understood as in public. Writing, on the other hand, takes place in hidden spheres, even though the body participates in the process of writing. Which forms of writing correspond with the daily practice of rehearsing and performing? How do modes of writing change, when the corporeality, the physicality of the writers aren’t hidden but embedded within in the practice? Writing about bodies and movements with a specific perception of the movements that are done while writing has a strong impact on examining concepts of the body in as well as through the categories, such as gender, class and ethnicity. It allows to generate art- and socio-critical questions towards established notions of aesthetics. The writers’ bodies then can shape a perspective that goes beyond the supposedly distanced "looking at" and "looking through" the bodies and their movement. (Mariama Diagne in dialogue with Astrid Kaminski).

projects 2021:

Perception Workshop 1-7 (Edited by Mariama Diagne, Astrid Kaminski, Seda Niğbolu, Louise Trueheart).
Ghost podcast - A psychological thriller series by Astrid Kaminski and Seda Niğbolu about challenging emotions.

Suggestions for new text or audio projects are welcome.

Expanded Writing / Expanded Listening is a co-production of DOCK 11 and DOCK ART.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and Senate Department for Culture and Europe.