On the Road

Eccentric Dialogues / Zafraan Ensemble

On the Road

Zafraan's 'On the Road' series takes us into the middle of eccentric dialogues and encounters with this second concert.

In „Aus" by Christophe Bertrand, a single point explodes out of nowhere and becomes a bubbling organism. The journey begun with the first evening last autumn continued: Claude Vivier and Daniel Eichholz resound with new works; solos and duos remain in energetic dialogue until a listening silence is achieved together with „Lauschgut" by Charlotte Seither.

Christophe Bertrand: Aus (2003)
Daniel Eichholz: Habakuk 1 (2021)
Claude Vivier: Pièce pour violon et clarinette (1975)
Georg Katzer: Dialog Imaginär 6 „Stockendes Lied" (1983)
Iris ter Schiphorst: Hi Bill! (2005)
Beat Furrer: Presto (1998)
Pär Lindgren: Beep-Ooh (1995)
Charlotte Seither: Lauschgut (2018/19)

Zafraan Ensemble: Liam Mallett (flute), Miguel Pérez Iñesta (clarinet), Martin Posegga (saxophone), Daniel Eichholz (percussion), Clemens Hund-Göschel (piano), Emmanuelle Bernard (violin/viola), Josa Gerhard (viola/violin)

Production management: Sophie Beck
Management and PR: Sofia Surgutschowa
Photo: Swami Silva

Duration: 60 min.