I love everyone I know!

Gruppe Endruweit

I love everyone I know!

I love everyone I know! (Live)
Frau mit Kuchen. Die Angst vor dem Sterben, ohne geboren zu haben
(Videoinstallation, recommended from age 14)
After the live performance, the 6-channel video installation will be presented.


Audience talk
The Endruweit Group invites you in cooperation with Theaterscoutings Berlin on 28 January 2023 to an audience talk after the performance and is looking forward to the exchange with the audience.


Five artists explore young children’s impulsive, intuitive approach to art making and their desire to posses their own bodies.

I love everyone I know!

The discovery of their own bodies and the intensity of their first confrontations with their environment often drive children to intense artistic creation.
I love everyone I know! features original musical works by toddlers and vocal explorations by babies, removed from their intimate, family context and performed by professional musicians.
The five performers with their shaped and clocked bodies, try to grasp the chilrens`s desire to make use of one's own legs and arms as well as the choreographies that arise when feelings and needs simultaneously captivate the entire body, enabling them to once again become impulsively creative themselves.
Part of the children's art canon are also graphics and painting with their high degree of abstraction as well as spoken poetry, which due of its gaps in understanding the world impresses with surprising contexts of meaning – together they form the basis for this music/theater/art/dance piece.

Woman with cake/The fear of dying without having given birth
(6-channel video installation, recommended from age 14)

"Hit the Lukas so that it splashes on the walls!“ (dt. Hau den Lukas, dass es an die Wände spritzt!“) spoke Endruweit's grandmother, devouring the last piece of cake of her life. But the search for comfort and satisfaction through sweets is in vain if basic emotional needs are not satisfied.

Kindergarten teacher, locksmith, Hollywood actor, samba teacher – six men dance until exhaustion in their living rooms. The tragic romance of a woman, longing for maternal happiness with the humor of a desperate woman.


I love everyone I know!

Idea/Direction: Astrid Endruweit
Performance: Valentin Bezençon, Astrid Endruweit, Alexander Nickmann, Andreas Müller, Greg Zuccolo
Piano: Alexander Nickmann
Music template: the children Paul Eggert, Ole Fritz, Alfons Fritz, Meta Endruweit
Vocals: Valentin Bezençon
Choreography: die Kinder Jolanda Engel, Meta Endruweit
Realisation: Alexander Nickmann, Greg Zuccolo
Text: the childrenMeta Endruweit, Paula Malmberg sowie Andreas Müller und Gruppe
Painting idea: Meta Endruweit
Artistic production management: Ayako Toyama
Consultation: Dr. Lars Kulik
Graphics: Robert Ziegler
Press & Public Relations: Anita Goß
Thanks to Hilla Steinert

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government
Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

Supported by Der Kulturinitiative Förderband gGmbH and Uferstudios.
Media partner taz.

Woman with cake/The fear of dying without having given birth (video installation):

Idea/Camera/Editing: Astrid Endruweit
In the video: Astrid Endruweit, Toralf Endruweit, Louis Gläsker, Joaquim Rodrigues, Arthur Rother, Robert Schmidt, Scott Shepherd, Greg Zuccolo
Technical Advice: Chris Kondek, Eric Schefter
Produced by Kampnagel | Theater Hamburg and Michael Laub/Remote Control Productions

total length: 75 min (live) + 24 min (video installation)
language: german/english