History was Written by the Losers: Hoedown Showdown

Tamar Lamm, Tilman O'Donnell, David Kern

History was Written by the Losers: Hoedown Showdown

Three losers try to rewrite world history - in just one hour!

In History was Written by the Losers: Hoedown Showdown, Tamar Lamm, David Kern and Tilman O’Donnell portray three Cowboys, the “Losers” of the title. They drift between singing in folk style about great historical figures – heroes, artists, philosophers, scientists – and dancing, passing movements from one to another while continuously modifying certain details. As the song progresses, we come to understand that the losers have no grasp of historical fact. The history they recount is incorrect, but points the way to a new logic of events.

The title is a play on the cliché "History is written by the victors." The “Losers” attempt with humor and some bitterness to come to grips with the fact that they themselves will never be written into any history book.

Concept, Choreography, Text, Music: Tamar Lamm, David Kern, Tilman O'Donnell
Lighting: Thomas Zamolo
Photo: Thomas Zamolo

Duration: 60 min.
Language: English

This piece was created with support from WELD (Stockholm) and the Israeli Choreographers Association.