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in the frame of soundance festival berlin #8

Thu 13 June 2024, 7 pm (Premiere)
Sun 16 Juni 2024, 4 pm

In their new work „GLADE“, interdisciplinary Performance-Company WILD ACCESS brings their site-specific practice, interweaving dance, lights, sound and text, to the stage. Their starting point is a glade: a clearing in a forest. From this grassy space that opens between the trees, they create an immersive terrain populated by hybrid creatures. In their search for the wild outside, they call for the wildness within.

Choreography, artistic direction: Beatrix Joyce
Dance, co-creation: Savina Casarin, Michela Filzi, Imola Nagy, Susanna Ylikoski
Sound: Jethro Cooke, Jake Long
Light: Lena Gätjens
Photo: Alicja Hoppel


soundance festival berlin #8
13 - 16 June 2024

Fragile, undulating, inspired by a glade - the eighth soundance festival berlin presents a variety of encounters and mutual inspiration between dance and music: choreographed, improvised, instrumental, live or recorded. Four intensive festival days invite you to watch, listen and participate!

In „Glade“, the artists of WILD ACCESS explore our relationship to urban nature. Wave movements combine dance, percussion and video projection in „Undulation“, in the duo „Fragile“ the instruments of the body and a saxophone create a fleeting work of the moment. A series of short choreographies explores the diverse emotional states of interpersonal constellations in „Er...Sie...und andere Geschichten“. And on the last day of the festival, young and old are invited to join in - with sound and movement, of course!

Artistic production management: Jenny Haack
Social Media: Aïsha Mia Lethen Bird
Website: Gunther Heise
Technical direction: Asier Solana
in collaboration with the DOCK 11 / DOCK ART team

Soundance festival berlin is a production of b.arts.u - berlin arts united.
Co-production DOCK ART.

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Thu 13.06.2024, 19:00 h
Sun 16.06.2024, 16:00 h

Choreography, artistic direction: Beatrix Joyce
Dance, co-creation: Savina Casarin, Michela Filzi, Imola Nagy, Susanna Ylikoski
Sound: Jethro Cooke, Jake Long
Light: Lena Gätjens

Undulation / Fragile

Fri 14.06.2024, 19:00 h

Choreography, dance: Annukka Hirvonen, Roberta Ricci
Music/ percussion: Francesco Ghirlanda
Video: David Blackburn

Dance, voice: Claudia Pelliccia
Saxophone: Laurent Charles
Light: Asier Solana

Er…Sie… und andere Geschichten

Sat 15.06.2024, 19:00 h

Concept, artistic direction: laborgras (Renate Graziadei and Arthur Stäldi)
Choreography: laborgras in collaboration with Sergey Zhukov
Dance: Renate Graziadei, Sergey Zhukov
Dramaturgy: Arthur Stäldi
Costume design: Claudia Janitschek
Music: Micatone, Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws, TCC Band, Sam Cooke and others.



The fleeting moment (Der flüchtige Augenblick)
– The nature of time - (das Wesen der Zeit)
Fr 14.06.2024, 10 - 13 Uhr

This workshop invesigates the shortest porion of ime we experience, the instant.
Listening to the moment in the phenomenon of improvisation is the key to dialogue: how we can expand the ephemeral blink of an eye, what are the intuitive strategies to connect to others and to what happens, how to be available and ready for the unknown, how to say YES to the unexpected?
Workshop for dancers, movers, performers, singers, live musicians, You are All and Each very welcome. Workshop language: English
With Claudia Pelliccia (Dancer), Laurent Charles (Musician)
10 am – 1 pm
Registration / Info:

Scribbles: DIY – Performance
– a workshop for everyone aged 6 and over
So 16.06.2024, 11 - 12.30 Uhr

DIY dance and music! Be it sound, movement or something in between, scribbles can only be realized if you are there – because you do them. We have developed plays that can be performed spontaneously by children and adults. The result always remains open. Let’s see what emerges together: We scribble and tickle new pieces into being – scribbles!
Workshop leaders: Daniella Strasfogel, David Bloom
Bring comfortable clothing
Participation fee 5 €, one accompanying person free of charge
contact us for family tickets
Info/ Registration: