Contemporary Dance


Nitsan Margaliot


The performance brings together dialogues of various kinds - musical, visual and sensorial - that serve as an invitation to imagine realms of dependence and explosive expression.
It is an invitation to experience the intensity of being together on an unfamiliar path.

The work engages concert and choreography in an exchange between cellist Isaac Lottman, video artist Joost Koster and dancer and choreographer Nitsan Margaliot. Among the pieces they will perform is Benjamin Britten's Suite 1, op. 72, a virtuoso dance interpretation that gives physical expression to the passionate and powerful music.

„What makes it a unique audio-visual experience is this body’s readiness to have the sounds come and go, not submitting to the reverberant power of the cello, but accepting its "offerings", such as the staccatos and moments of extended playing technique where the bow ricochets over the strings, as an invitation to find a response in the organicity of the dancer’s, and the musician’s body.“ Lea Pischke, Stream

Choreography, dance: Nitsan Margaliot
Cello: Isaac Lottman
Video art: Joost Koster
Photo: Maria Eleonora Ledesma

Duration: 60 min.

Vorschaubild Video

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