Every Minute Motherland

A dance performance by Maciej Kuźmiński Company

Every Minute Motherland

Every Minute Motherland is a dance performance created by Maciej Kuźmiński and devised using documentary methods in response to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and the refugee crisis that followed it. The performance was made with a Polish-Ukrainian team including refugees in collaboration with the dramaturg Paul Bargetto.

The piece is inspired by the personal stories of the dancers and based on extensive laboratory work. It explores the effects of trauma, exile, and alienation set against larger themes of war, identity, and the immovable forces of history and geography. With the constant daily background of television and social media where the war plays out in numbing repetition, the piece refocuses our attention on the bodies of the witnesses, whose experiences will be released on stage transcribed in motion and time and reaching for the spirit of ritual and myth.

Choreography: Maciej Kuźmiński
Performance, co-creation: Daria Koval, Anna Myloslavska, Monika Witkowska, Vitaliia
Vaskiv, Szymon Tur, Anastasia Ivanova, Maciej Kuźminski
Assistant choreography: Monika Witkowska
Dramaturgy: Paul Bargetto
Producers: Maciej Kuźmiński, Polina Bulat

Supported by Goethe-Institut and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office in order to strengthen the sustainability of Ukrainian cultural and educational partners

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