durch Hilma

Breeanne Saxton, Melissa Kieffer and Alica Minar

durch Hilma

durch Hilma af Klint’s methods comes a dance-lecture performance reaching towards formless divinity.

durch Hilma is dance-lecture performance reaching towards formless divinity while situated in our everyday reality. Inspired by the methods and theories of Swedish painter Hilma af Klint, a contemporary female dancer strives to reveal the interconnected continuity between forms, structures, material, herself and the formless, immaterial, and audience. Creating from invisible, unhearable, and ungraspable, Melissa Kieffer manifests structure and sparkle into the space. This lecture performance weaves the embodied choreographic practices of Breeanne Saxton and offers questions on how we can experience spirituality in the context of compost-modern life. Created by a FLINTA team, durch Hilma makes space for the lost legacy of female authorship in the practices of art, life, and history.

Choreography: Breeanne Saxton
Performance: Melissa Kieffer
Dramaturgy / Stage Design: Alica Minar
Music: Lottie Sebes
Costume: Paz Alvarez Menendez
Light: Raquel Rosildete

Language: Englisch, Deutsch
Length: 60 min

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR. Supported by OFF-Bühne Chemnitz, Gulla Villan, and DOCKART.