Artificial Archéology: A Multidisciplinary Exploration of Time and Space

Christine Bonansea Company

Artificial Archéology: A Multidisciplinary Exploration of Time and Space

The collaborative project known as Artificial Archéology, masterfully crafted by Lucas Kuzma, a visionary creative technologist and electronic music composer, and Christine Bonansea, a captivating choreographer, performer, and dramaturg, unveils a mesmerizing composition that delves into the very fabric of time. Drawing inspiration from the realm of archaeology, they ingeniously manipulate the principles of supersymmetries and metrics to bestow upon us a transformed perception and experiential voyage through the vast dimensions of space-time.

Kuzma artfully employs LiDAR scans to meticulously fashion a series of urban spaces, thereby weaving intricate maps of a particular geographic expanse. In this correlative system, space harmoniously assimilates the essence of a potential past, simultaneously giving life to visionary transformations ft he future, and divulging a perpetually shifting present—an ethereal realm akin to a suspended, indefinite parallel time.

As we navigate the labyrinthine recesses of Artificial Archéology, we become participants in an all-encompassing discourse, one that grapples with the enigmatic relationship between time and space. The piece ushers us into a realm where temporal boundaries dissolve, and the artifice of time crumbles before our eyes, exposing the boundless potentialities that lie beyond the physical body.

Choreography, dramaturgy, performance: Christine Saulut (CBC)
Music composition, visual design: Lucas Kuzma
Video Mapping: Tbd
Light: Tdb
Photo: Lucas Kuzma

Production CBC Company in Co-production with DOCK ART, supported by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt.

Language: Englisch
Duration: 60 min