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mit Tanja Saban


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fluid identities // movement research & composition
the class begins with opening and warming up the body, connecting into all of our channels of sensory awareness. we develop focus and deepen our presence into specific aspects of our physicality and the distinct qualities it brings to our movement. We then move into structured tasks, adding layers of perception, creative restraints and organizing principles relating our ‘initiated’ bodies to time,space & the last part we go into durational improvisation, taking the established field of knowledge further into a playground of composing/relating/articulating/performing.
Tanja Saban is a dancer, certified Gaga teacher and yoga practitioner. born and raised in Switzerland, she graduated from SEAD training program in 2007. She is a recipient of the conveyor scholarship from the Tanzquartier in Vienna, where she started her career as a freelance dancer and teacher. She collaborates with choreographers and artists of other disciplines on projects as well as creating her own work in Austria, Spain,Switzerland, Israel and New York City. the heart of her artistic practice is an ongoing research of the moving body-a space of experience, expression and personal expansion in the unfolding of physical intelligence and the sensory body. she is currently developing a platform for co-creative, immersive danc experiences that oscillate between clubculture, performance and embodied practices.