Contemporary for professionals

mit Luana Rossetti

Contemporary for professionals


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The lesson is based on a continuous production of body spirals that generate spaces in which the body finds the opportunity to perform uninterrupted movements, develop cycles of propulsion and perform transitions in continuous evolution. A very physical lesson that uses different portions of strength to expand the use of the body in relation to the various levels of space.
Based on career experiences, the class is a combination of contemporary techniques and identifiable evolution of ballet elements, with diverse movements popping up recalling the influence from disciplines as capoeira and break dance.
Body awareness, agility, speed and strength are the principals I focus on; my interest is to create synergies through space and different dynamics using the full body possibilities in concomitance with explosion, resistance, and the quality of “control”.

Luana Rossetti
Luana is an Italian professional dancer, choreographer, docent and mentor, based in Berlin.
Since before graduation at ArtEZ Dansacademie - The Netherlands, Luana starts dancing with several companies and choreographers as N/W Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg, Skånes Danstheater, Constanza Macras-Dorky Park, Operá de ballét Tunisienne, Oxymoron dance company, Ballet van Leth, Heike Hennig & Co, MC Dance Mayer-Chaffaud, Roberto Zappalà, Amos Ben-Tal, Dali Touiti, Alexander Nerlich, Edd Wubbe, among others.
Since 2013 Luana is active in Berlin by creating independent choreographic projects for which she has received production funding from the Berlin Senate, the Cultural Ministry of Denmark, MiBACT Italy and Bangkok. In a short time, Luana wins diverse choreographic prices and receives support by different Theatres, Residencies and touring sustainment for different productions.
Luana is, as well, commissioned to create projects and short pieces for dance companies and professional dance academies, and she has solid collaborations with Oxymoron dance company-Waschhaus Potsdam, Oplas crdU, Nikolas Schreck and Drum Klub, as a choreographer as well as a dancer.
As a teacher, Luana is called internationally at professional dance companies, professional dance academies and Universities, as Operá de Ballet Nationelle de Tunisi, Nouveau Ballet Tunisienne, Cie. Toula Limnaios, ArtEZ danceacademie, Oxymoron Dance Company, De Stilte, University Fachhochschule Clara Hoffbauer, Berlin Dance Institute, and more.