Multimedia Dance Performance

Parallel and Phases

Christine Bonansea Company

Parallel and Phases

On November 25, an audience talk with the artists will take place after the performance.

Parallel and Phases/ {soft/hard} portrays contemporary club and performance culture on an intellectual-body level, questioning perceptions, radical motion and normative aesthetic.

Parallel and Phases/ {soft/hard} is created in collaboration with the composer Byungseo Yoo and choreographer Christine Bonansea and portrays contemporary club and performance culture on an intellectual-body level.
A first version of the piece was developed as a choreographic and soundscape instant composition performance at ZK/U and DOCK11 in 2019. The work of the international team questions perceptions, radical motion, and normative aesthetics.
By referring to the methodology of Steve Reich, ‚Phasing’, Byungseo Yoo presents sequences as components of Greimas Semantique structure. The dancers take the role of the bodies, trashing themselves, meaningless, almost self-destructive – inviting the audience to join the party.
Parallel and Phases/ {soft/hard} opens with multi-layered interfaces such as audio-video live streaming and live multi-channel screening. While the latency generates the gap, the audience generates its own time and space.

Concept: Byungseo Yoo and Christine Bonansea
Original Music Composition / Performance: Byungseo Yoo
Choreography: Christine Bonansea
Collaborative Choreography / Dance and improvisation performance: Christine Bonansea, David Mariano, Riley Davidson, Evgenia Chetvertkova
Sound / Composition: Benoit Casot
Light Design: Asier Solana
Photo: Sigel Leicht

Length: 50min

A production by CBC in co-production with DOCKART, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe