Escape Room / Movement / Sound / Light by and with Sita Ostheimer


The 3 G rule applies, visits only possible with proof - recovered, vaccinated or tested.

Lost with you transforms the theater into a gentle and safe escape room where the atmosphere of movement, light and sound allows you to immerse yourself, come to rest and relax.

The space, dark and soft, a faint glow symbolizing hope; people gathered to breathe, observe and let go. Lost with you transforms the theater into a gentle, safe escape room:

For one hour, you are invited to relax and step out.
Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of movement, light and sound.
Take a seat wherever you want, just be there, rest, with me, yourself and the space.

The visuals, the dynamics and the energies of the moving body in Lost with you let the audience discover a hidden realm of their existence and experience the invisible drive behind all moving forces.

For the soundtrack by Tony Birch, a stretched piano and the voice of Sita Ostheimer were re-recorded in a concrete reverberation chamber. Space and time become the main instruments of the composition, while the original piano and voice recede into the background.

Concept / Performance: Sita Ostheimer
Soundtrack: Tony Birch
Voice: Sita Ostheimer
Light design: Asier Solana and Bryan Schall
Promo video and poster: Ran Bensimon

Many thanks to DOCK 11 / DOCK ART for the support and the given trust.