Fear and Fantasy

Caroline Neill Alexander

Fear and Fantasy

This piece is an attempt. It is not a happy ending or a solution, but rather a quest through the dark caves of mania.

Fear and Fantasy is an interrogation of the inhibiting qualities of reality and the breaking point where the inner landscape explodes. With this contrast of obsession and delusion, the borders of absurdity and a deep desperation are stretched in order to reconcile the two. The work relentlessly dives into visceral situations – dense toxic textures, complex scenic and sonic environments, and palpable physical tensions – creating feelings of deep uncertainty. Imaginaries of fear and fantasy, their relationships to crisis and the impulse to escape are cracked and revealed. While exploring themes of manipulation and confusion, the performance focuses on the juxtaposition of a calm and poised self-representation, and the suppressed fires of rage and fury that roar below.

Concept / Dance: Caroline Neill Alexander
Costume / Set / Dramaturgy: Jack Randol
Sound: Fjóla Gautadóttir
Photo: Caroline Neill Alexander

Language: English
Duration: 65 min.