Erol Alexandrov

Contemporary Dance

This class aims to acquire the awareness of relationship between the space and the body. By absorbing and exuding the energy, you will recognise how your movement system functions. Circular movement flow becomes your choreographic moves and organic acrobatic skills become your dynamic moment. Practicing unique Choreography, that consists of the movements from Tae Kwon Do, Korean Traditional Dance, Ashitanga Yoga, Floor Techniques, Acrobatics, 4 Nature Elements and Eastern Philosophy Practices, you will have understanding of in the context of eastern reasons.

Hoyoung is a Korean Performer, Choreographer, Contemporary Dance Instructor, Composer, Sound Designer and Visual Artist based in Berlin and Seoul. Majored in Cinema & Theatre, BA of Art in Seoul. A member of theatre company, ‘Elephant Manbo’ and an art director of art project collective, ‘UmZikßi’. As a Performer, Hoyoung worked with National Theater Company of Korea and DO Theater. In 2013, Hoyoung won the award from KUFF as a Best Actor.Since 2017, he started his career in Berlin. Inspirations from the eastern philosophies; Taoism and Buddhism. Aiming to collaborate with other various genres, rather than traditional form of performing art. Nowadays, he teaches many renowned dance studios: Dock 11 Berlin, CDSH: Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Flow Village Zurich, Tanzbüro Basel, Popa theatre company and Dramastudio Seoul and many others. Also his artistic projects have been supported by Tanzbüro Berlin, Tanztendenz München e.V., Shawbrook Dance.