mocap movement research workshop


for dancers and movers with experience

In this workshop we explore motion capture as a tool for movement research and choreographic development

Motion capture technology is a mapping/recording device that allows us to analyse movement through a multi perspectival lens. We start with architectural/3D space, visually tracing the moving body translated in virtual space in points,lines and directions.
By moving the camera eye around our avatar, we get new visual angles on the construction of a movement/sequence. From there we can start to play with shifting proportions, centres of gravity and distortions of our digital avatar. This is the lens through which we can discover our conscious and unconscious movement patterns and construct/deconstruct them by referencing the visual feedback loop. As we widen the possibilities of what our bodies can do in VR space, we bridge into our psychic space where movement is the raw material of our physical/sensory imagination. We use the lens of abstraction of the body as moving architecture as point of reference to refine how we inhabit our feeling/sensing inner body, the landscape of textures, feelings and emotions of our dancing. The complementing modes of attention/perspectives allow us to shift between visual/spatial thinking of movement to the feeling/sensing place of dancing.

The workshop starts with a dance practice that opens up and connects us to our instinctive moving body and explores strategies of body/space mapping in solo,partner and group tasks. We then dive into movement research with the motion capture suits, developing material solo and with the group. There is space for everyone's creative interests that emerge to be part of the exploration.

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