Craft Coding Dance


Is it possible to reduce dance to so few principles that they fit on an A4 page?

We take on the task and reduce dance to the smallest elements of movement. We mirror, multiply, slow down, speed up these elements or perform them in large or small, powerful or loosely varied ways. We deconstruct every movement, no matter how complex, to basics and go from the complex to the simple and from the simple to the complex.

Varying and combining basic elements is also the basis of Craft and Coding. I have deliberately chosen the English terms because we have not found a term in German that means handwork, craft and tinkering at the same time. Coding means encoding, ciphering and programming and offers a wider range of interpretations than a German word.

In knitting there is right and left or plain and curly. Computer language consists of + and -. From these smallest units infinite variations can be developed.

In this workshop we will learn the basic elements of programming, handwork and dance with the infinite variations.

Programming explained very simply.

After this workshop, which is a kind of thinking-moving school, you should be able to decipher any dance style and go into a dance research independently.

Language: The workshop is based on the German language. The workshop is in German and English.

The workshop is aimed at all those who are interested in craft, coding and dance. It is especially interesting for this work is as heterogeneous a group as possible from beginners to professionals. Because especially with trained dancers the decoding or undo is almost more difficult than with beginners, who have not yet stored so much dance in their bodies.

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