Contemporary for professionals

mit Imola Nagy

Contemporary for professionals


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After a thorough, improvisation-based warm up we will learn shorter movement sequences after each other. At the end of every class we will sew them all together and dance our choreography in smaller groups. My movement material draws from the floor work of contemporary dance and from modern dance techniques with extra attention to detail, our surroundings and rhythmicality. On this class you can work on your memorising skills and aim for experiencing your dancing.

Imola Nagy is a dancer, performer, teacher and creator. Following her graduation from the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy and the Greek National School of Dance, she danced in the Dutch National Opera’s production and collaborated with several artist on structuring and performing choreographies, as well as experimental works in Berlin, Budapest, New York and the Netherlands. In 2018 she was a Life Long Burning - Wild Card residency recipient at Uferstudios, Berlin and at Ultima Vez studios in Brussels. In 2019 she choreographed and performed the piece CHANGE|LESS, which was presented at Soundance Festival Berlin. She works as a dance artist in collaborations, teaches yoga, as well as acrobatic movement and creative dance to children.