Contemporary for professionals

mit Andrea Salussoglia

Contemporary for professionals


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The class is based on the research of the origin of the movements starting from the universal root that is: "Physics".
One of the main goals is to give to the body the need of using natural principles of dynamics in order to reach the end of the proposed practice avoiding the unnecessary use of the muscles.

The questions underlying the research are:
-how can we dance using the energies correctly;
-how to use the movement to generate the next one naturally;
-how can we use the body honestly and practically following the nature of the movement. Although the nature of the class is not improvisation, there will always be plenty of room for natural, honest and guided research for the execution of the technical and demanding exercises listening firstly the needs of the different bodies.

Andrea Salussoglia was born in Italy and has been professionally trained at the MoveOn Performing Arts Academy (Milan) and Berlin Dance Institute.

His dancing skills include contemporary technique, partnering, classical ballet, modern dance, hip hop, acrobatics, and aerial dance. He has worked with choreographers like Davide Manico and Nikolas Lagousakos, Luana Rosetti, Joseph Tmim and Jessica Gaynor.

He has danced with the Oxymoron Dance Company (2019) under the direction of Anja Kozik and also performed in "Phantoms of Labor" (2021-2022) for Berlin based choreographer I Jung Lim and dancer/choreographic assistant for Theater Thikwa in Berlin, project: ”Through the burn" creation of Luana Rossetti. He is currently working as a choreographic, teaching and artistic assistant for Luana Rossetti.

Teacher for the oxymoron dance school, university Clara Hiffbauer and different schools in Berlin, Potsdam, Milan and Turin.