Assistance Dance Pedagogy

EDUCATION [in planning]
so far only for students of DOCK 11 and EDEN

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Everything you teach others, you learn more intensively yourself.

You are in class yourself, you know the warm-up, you want to continue working on the consequences, you want to deepen your knowledge, learn more background information and take responsibility. You are among the first to go through this training. You are pioneers at DOCK 11 and with your feedback, wishes and ideas we will continue to develop and optimize the training.

DOCK 11 offers training as a dance education assistant for you teenagers and young adults aged 16 and over.

This consists of at least

  • Participation in compulsory modules [1] + [2] + [3]

  • Participation in at least one special module [SB], [SZ] and / or [SH]

  • It is also a prerequisite that you attend courses that you would like to substitute (can be extended)

  • Prerequisite is at least 4 partial teaching samples in class
    Partial teaching rehearsals are: instructing the warm-up in class, teaching individual movements (analyzing, simplifying, building up), teaching a sequence, introducing choreographic ideas, etc.

  • develop and teach a choreography, sequence of approx. 5 minutes

  • Prerequisite is the assessment of your teacher that you are suitable for teaching classes

  • First aid course HI HERE

You will receive DOCK-11 certificates for each individual module and a certificate authorizing you to teach classes on your own.

As long as you have only attended one of the special modules, you can substitute for classes in consultation with your lecturer and in the presence of a teacher.

Remuneration for substitutions
DOCK 11 pays a total of 38 euros net per 60-minute teaching unit

  • of which you will receive 15 euros for expenses
  • of which 23 euros for the gradual reimbursement of your training costs until the training costs are reimbursed and the first aid course (20 euros)
  • Once your training costs have been reimbursed, 23 euros per class will go into a fund to cover the costs of training as a dance pedagogy assistant and to enable further free training. The aim is to offer the training courses as cost-effectively as possible.

Training plan for dance pedagogy assistants

Compulsory module [P1] Dance medicine, pedagogy, developmental stages in children, law: e.g. duty of supervision, volume, use of space, administration (don't worry, this module also includes training)

Compulsory module [P2] Structure and dramaturgy of lessons in practice
Compulsory module [P3] Cross-style dance technique and improvisation

Special module [SB] Introduction to Dance Pedagogy Ballet (compulsory elective)

Special module [SZ] Introduction to Contemporary Dance Pedagogy (compulsory elective)
Special module [SH] Introduction to Dance Pedagogy HipHop (compulsory elective)

Special module [SB.1] Dance Pedagogy Ballet

Special module [SZ.1] Dance Pedagogy Contemporary Dance
Special module [SZ.3] Dance Pedagogy HipHop

Extension module [ET] Staging a dance event in Saal 4
Here you will learn how to plan and carry out an event. With the certificate you can realize your own performance with dances by you and your colleagues.