Contemporary for professionals

by Renan Manhaes

Contemporary for professionals


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The Class is based on the studies of the human senses to find their own randomness while dancing, to embrace it. We raise questions of how much the movement would be authentic and How long we can keep the unpredictable feeling inside ourselves Without losing control, so the other way around.
Using improvisation and group exploration we propose a sensorial journey towards a field where every body is capable of discovering their own uniqueness while working together in live composition situations.
How can an individual feel empowered and confident in a group where all decisions are randomly taken ?
Inside randomness everything is unpredictable but not the other way around.

Renan Manhaes
I was born as the only child in a small village, in the mid- dle of a valley, there I was 3 hours away from the closest metro pole, Rio de Janeiro. In this pacific but conservative scenario I had the best teenage hood I could have asked for, and this is not just a bold statement at all, even grow- ing up with the difficulties of a “third world country” there I experienced all the possible mixed feeling for my beloved ones, being great part of them people who I didn’t choose to have in my life but by the circumstances we became a big community where the care for each other was implicit In our exchanges, giving space to Bipoc and LGBTQ+ exist with less fear and more love around.
This environment gave me the first impulses to explore the art world, with guitar playing as my first attempt. Back then I just wanted to exist and validate other people exis- tence, so with my 3 best friends who I would like to men- tion here, Zé Lameira, Carlos Magno, João Lameira, we created after several attempts our first so called artistic in- tervention focused in the pleasure and safe spacing, KENGA was the name of our band and KENGAL was an interven- tion that happened monthly with the support from locals. By this moment I had around 16 years old, I couldn’t put
in words what the world meant for me, I just had a very strong gut feeling of what I wanted to move in the material realm.
Later with 18 years old, 2015, I left home to live in Rio de Janeiro for studying reasons, there I got a scholarship on a Publicity and Marketing BA, although I found myself very uncomfortably cornered due the content of the course and after one semester I’ve dropped the University, during this time by influence of a dear friend I attended to my first Bal- let class, discovering like this way my first love case (later love, hate and criticism towards the colonialist way of the Ballet structure).
A bit later at the same year I was approved for the state ballet school Maria Olenewa, part of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, there I’ve started my journey with dance. Ups and downs aside I got my first apprenticeship after
one year of studies with that my first contact with a wider public, 2000 people for the premiere of Swan Lake, from that moment I understood that I was able to manifest in a concrete way what my dreams were.