Contemporary for professionals

by Paolo Cingolani

Contemporary for professionals


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Instant Composition is a technique to create dances in an intuitive and spontaneous way. The class aims to introduce the participant into the world of movement through specific work on awareness, dynamics and poetry of action. Through the participation of the body and the observation of the mind, the participant will learn to live the instant in the flow of the present moment. The tools used will focus on - expand perception of space and time; - use of weight and gravity in action; - develop a mind flexibility to improvise easily and naturally; - promote an active imagination in technique and in poetry as well. Participants will be guided in the class through a progressive approach that starts from the simplicity of the individual act, to reach the complexity and richness of an instantaneous group composition.

Paolo Cingolani is an Italian dancer specialized in the art of improvisation and instant composition. His work is characterized by a specific training on intuition as the first tool to create dance and text in performance. Since 2012 he is a member of Allen's Line company of Julyen Hamilton. Paolo has also dedicated to create performances with other artists, dancers, musicians and visual designers. His way to compose choreographies and characters on stage defines a clear poetic of time and space in the contemporary scenic arts. In this freelance context, he has performed extensively through Europe (2005-2022). As a teacher, he has developed his personal body’s technique resulting from the combination of Tai-Ji and Qi Gong with the principles of contemporary dance. Since 2006 he has been teaching in schools, universities and festivals all around Europe.

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