Contemporary for professionals

by Milki Lee

Contemporary for professionals


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Movers, Dancers, Artists, Performers, Animals & Humans... "Psycho & Body" is a body work movements, scenic practices and laboratory that has been growing and evolving for more than ten years.
It's a system in constant development and search of dance, training and scene where a broad language is mixed with acrobatics, breaking, floor technique, contemporary, martial arts and global training. Giving their participants a strong physicality to the way of acting and moving, combining with lab exercises and "Research".
Together with this process Milki has travelled to many places around Europe, Latino America and Asia. The workshop is addressed to dancers with different backgrounds and of course to every person who may be interested. Technical objectives: working on two lines, simultaneously and in parallel:

Line-1 Body:
-Body-Control / Super-Flow.
-Center line.
-Economy of movement.
-Agility, Motility, Mobility, Adaptation, Strength and Resistance.
-Honesty and Simplicity.

Line-2 Psycho:
-In-Out / Out-In
-Wishes: Victory, Cunning, Evince, Frighten, Passivity and Escape.
-Honesty and Simplicity.

Milki Lee is a performance artist based in Toulouse that combines martial arts and breaking until the age of 19. Since he discovered contemporary dance, he combines it with his background. Milki currently still competes nationally and internationally and he has been working for 10 years with the Cía."Circle of Trust", which mixes multimedia, physical theater, dance and break, touring throughout Spain, Europe, Latin America and Asia, with the shows: Origami, Divenire, Nagare, Motus, Nami, etc.
He formed the company Dos en Paralaje with Ingrid Magrinyà that combines physical theater and contemporary dance in her piece “Manos Pegajosas” that tours throughout Spain and Italy and he performed in “Los días de Penélope”, too.
Milki worked on artistic projects such us “Kiss Moves” in Amsterdam, with the Cía. "Fourxfour of Mexico", the Cia. Alodeyá in the shows Aware, as a Chinese mast anddance performer and with David Vento in the contemporary dance and physical theater show “Nheandertal”.
He trained in different parts of Europe (Amsterdam, Zaragoza, Belgium, Barcelona, London, Madrid, Toulouse) where he developed a broad language that mixes with his background of acrobatics, break, contemporary dance, Chinese mast, etc.
Milki created the "Psycho & Body" system (still in develop-ment) of dance training and he is a Co-founder of "Sweet Chilli Circus Company", which has led them to live between Spain and France in the last three years. Thanks to his time in France, he contacts the Cie. Daraomaï and begins to collaborate on his next production "FAÇADE" for 2020-2021.
At the same time, he carries out projects such as external eye assistant and choreographer for other companies and projects as: Ana Continente, Ingrid Magrinyà, Cía Bleda Insípida (Alicia Rechac,), MonoPajaroVerde, Teresa Magallón, Cía Nostraxladamus, AMZ, Peace Of Mind among others.
Milki is also in collaboration with international projects and festivals in Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica.