Contemporary for professionals

by Dani Paiva de Miranda and Gabriela Cordovez

Contemporary for professionals


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Dani and Gabriela propose a practice where they can share and open a safe space for movers to explore the Rebolar AKA Brazilian twerk. We value the importance of activating the pelvic region as a way to release and activate our vital energy.
The practice is based on the movement of shaking the ass. Going from different moments and epochs of Brazilian funk history, the class starts by sensibilizing the hips, passing by choreographic movements and different twerk positions, going into open guided improvisations which are led by the pelvic region / rebolar (twerk movements). Understanding rebolar as a motor that creates and recycles energy, the class builds up into a high intensity level and is dedicated to all kinds of bodies, identities and histories.
The pelvic region has been suppressed by the actual patriarchal society. At the same time, the pelvic region is ancestrally related to fertility and female power by different cultures. By opening a space to rebolar (twerk) we open spaces to build, reconnect or strengthen our feminin, our fertility and our creativity. The continuity of the classes leads to the possibility of feeling sexy and empowered as well as to decolonize the perception of the body and dance.
FUNK as a music style needs to have its genealogy told in order to not be appropriated. So, that history telling is also present during the classes as well as the sensibilization of ears in order to experience the Brazilian FUNK as a music style.

history / fundamentals of Brazilian FUNK
build and release energy
decolonize body and dance
feel sexy
introduction of brazilian funk music

Gabriela Cordovez and Dani Miranda are from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They started to work together in 2019. Since then they have been on an ongoing research investigating horizontal and descolonial practices for performance / dance through different formats and media.

Gabriela Cordovez is a Brazilian / Colombian artist. She has a degree in the Technical Course in Contemporary Dance from the Angel Vianna Dance School (Brazil) and graduated in the Advanced Creation Program in Performing Arts (PACAP 3), at Forum Dança in Lisbon (Portugal). She works professionally as a dancer, performer and choreographer, having collaborated as an interpreter / dancer with Lia Rodrigues Cia de Danças, Marcela Levi and Lucia Russo, Tino Sehgal, Maria Elvira Machado, Li Ning and Yuko Kaseki. Since 2017, she has started creating her authorial works. Gabriela accumulates work experiences in Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Germany and China. Gabriela is currently doing a Master in Performing arts and Visual Culture at the Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain.

Dani Paiva de Miranda is a choreographer and transdisciplinary research artist based in Berlin. They work in the fields of Dance, Performance, Lighting and Sculpture, both on Digital and Carnal media. Dani is inspired by a world where identities do not need to be confronted, so they propose the cohabitation of a non-photic sphere as a Performing Space. Their main condition of research is the decolonial thinking.
They are co-founder of cuntscollective, light designer at Dock11 Berlin…
Is currently doing a Master in Performing arts and Visual Culture at the Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain.