Achille Piot


Achilles classes includes various circus disciplines such as floor acrobatics, partner acrobatics, rope skipping and trampolining. In addition to learning the respective techniques, the children and young people are also encouraged to develop their coordinative, physical and social skills.
By means of play pedagogy, a health-oriented training is built up, which offers the students the possibility to further develop the handling of their own body and that of others.

After training in acting at various conservatories in France, Achille came to Berlin in 2017. There he discovered the world of circus and dedicated himself to the Chinese mast. In parallel, he participates in various courses of physical theater, where he learns techniques of mime and mime corporel, among others. In 2020 he founded the collective Gegengleich mit, a trio that combines Chinese mast, acrobatics and theater. Achille is also a member of the self-organized collective zueck with young adults and teenagers, which creates engaging multidisciplinary performances through a flat hierarchy since 2019.
He was introduced to youth pedagogy at Zack Circus, after which he continued working as an animator at international youth encounters. Since September 2022, he has been continuously training to become a movement educator at the Seneca Intensive dance school (Move+Teach).