Workshops with Wayne Goetz

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artificial intelligence and art

Based on the work TALK2ME and T2ME VR. We will explore the question of inspiring Artificial Intelligence in the field of art. Technologies like ChatGPT, Deep Fake, DALL-E, etc. will be introduced, experiences will be shared and we will get into action ourselves to take the first steps in these fields. The workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in actively engaging with these changes. An artificial career is not necessary, since we are all artists:inside of the everyday life.

Improvisational Theater & Improvisation with AI

With a software developed within the TALLK2ME project, players:inside can communicate directly with GPT-3 via speech. This workshop is about experimenting with the texts generated by the AI. It is about storytelling, prompt engineering, improvisation and the possibilities and limits of AI.

Creative Writing Methods & Generating Text with AI

After an introduction to Scenic Writing methods, we will use the playground of GPT-3 to create Old English texts with the help of an AI, have a dialogue with Donald Trump, write (have someone write) a hip-hop text to Harry Potter - simply immerse ourselves in the magic of inspiring AI.

Physical Theatre & Deep Fakes

The language of the body is one of the most important elements of Physical Theatre. After an introduction to it, we will look at the possibilities of plain Deep Fakes and explore what technologies make available. Here we will distinguish between undemanding and demanding computational operations. In any case, it will be a surprise when you hear yourself say something unexpected.