Lab AR Loopmachine


5 day workshop with AR glasses Magic Leap and data suits by ROKOKO.

Workshop leaders: Oliver Proske and Christoph Seeligmüller

Comparable to a loop station for live music, the AR loopmachine allows interaction with virtual content. This means that users can enter into direct dialogue with pre-produced data.
The AR loopmachine is designed to interact with objects, not to operate in spaces. The systems run best when the data is reduced to the essentials - the more compact the starting point, the more variable the play possibilities.
Since 2016, the first commercial transparent glasses have been available to add virtual elements to three-dimensional reality. One of the most powerful models owes its name to this "magic leap" made possible by AR technology: "Magic Leap". Despite their enormous possibilities, these glasses have so far found few applications in the artistic field. With the help of Loopmachine software, it is now possible to relate three-dimensional virtual content to the real environment and have it enter into a dialogue.
It is obvious that this technology unleashes undreamed-of creative possibilities - even if the desire for autonomous holograms that appear freely in space is not feasible for the foreseeable future. Although the spatial effect is merely simulated, the media dissemination of this optical illusion often causes quite a stir. The insertion of three-dimensional illusions in a real room is currently only possible with the help of technically appropriately equipped glasses. We work with data suits from ROKOKO. The data suits are used to record movements, which are then exported and processed in Blender, for example. The resulting objects become visible in space via the AR glasses. For this purpose, there will be an introduction to the hardware and software of the data suits.

During the workshop, AR glasses of the brand "Magic Leap" will be available for each participant.

Workshop Part 1
Day 1
General information about Augmented Reality and AR-Loopmachine Part 1
Explanation of the working principle and operation of the AR-Loopmachine
Augmented Reality: Painting in space
Experiments and tests with the AR-Glasses
Day 2
Presentation of results, discussion of experiences
Creating and moving AR objects in space
Experiments and tests with AR glasses
Discussion of experiences, talk about possibilities of the technology

Workshop part 2
Day 3
General information about Augmented Reality and AR-Loopmachine Part 2
Introduction hard- and software to the data suits of ROKOKO
Work with the data suits and the animated avatars
Day 4
Work with own animations, generated from the data suits
Experiments and tests with the AR glasses and the newly generated data.
Day 5.
Generation of 3D data and experiments in space
Concept development for own projects
Presentation of the concepts as a lecture as well as with "Magic Leap" animations.

Who is the workshop for: Interested people from the cultural/theatrical field
For which level is the workshop: Beginners and advanced.