Interactive and artistic with the Raspberry Pi


Participants learn the basic handling of the Raspberry Pi and have the opportunity to practically implement a number of small application examples. A little technical skill is sufficient as a prerequisite for participation. Rudimentary programming knowledge is helpful but not necessary.

There will be an introduction to the LINUX operating system (Raspbian) to understand and apply some basic commands for using the LX terminal. Then the knowledge is deepened around basics in the programming language, which is mainly used for programming Raspberry Pis. The participants write small test programs. One focus is the synchronization of several Raspberry Pi.

Furthermore, the basics for using the Raspberry Pi in your projects will be taught. Whether you want to experiment with audio, video, light barriers or banana input. Here you get an insight into the possibilities and can implement your own small projects.

You don't need any previous knowledge. A laptop is required for independent work.

For whom is the workshop: Interested people from the artistic or technical culture/theater area.
For which level is the workshop: Beginners and advanced.

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