Fluidity of Dreams: Experiment on Collective Dreaming and Production

Contact–> barispekcagliyan@gmail.com

experimental performative workshop

We are looking for participants who want to join the experiment on the process of sleeping, napping and dreaming.
The results of the workshop would be expanded to a digital production and a possible presentation at DockDigital.

ability to participate on all the dates.
There is no need for any specific skills.

Some materials to take with you:

a mattress/ pillow/blankets/sleeping bag
objects with personally significant memories
drinks (we have hot water for tea, coffee, cacao)
Big socks- home shoes
comfy clothes

for the 2nd day:
a computer
any material/tool you use it to create


1st day: 15:00 - 21:30
2nd day: 11:00 - 19:00 and later for who wants to dive deeper.
During this day we will work on how we can expand our collective dreaming experience through using digital space where our shared experience will form the works for a presentation.

During the workshop/performance we(you,me,us) will experiment on the process of sleeping, napping and dreaming.

Dreams represent intangible materialities we work with, connecting them in ways which are often invisible. In "more-than-human" ways we can try to establish a different perception/understanding of that interconnectedness and how it influences us and our attitude towards a social and ecological responsibility. Where different substances of “dreams” are connected with the idea of transformative potential and fluidity, where different materials have the possibility of being (or be in) sculpted or mattered.
Through practice based workshop with sound/video, drawing and collective performance we(you,me,us) want to approach multiple visual and sensorial ways of how dreams and the ecological specificities of a space influence each other these days, how they shape each other and can enhance our sensitivity and perception of a multi-species interconnectedness. In this context we are going to look at technology as our "sensory tentacle" enhancing our human perception and experiment with such phenomena as: disturbances in sensing and perceiving, distortion of time. These phenomenons could be also described by using the notion of “daydreaming”, where it is common to have mild dissociation. To reproduce this, we are going to use the stroboscopic technique, where continuous rotational or other cyclic motion is represented by series of short or instantaneous flashy images, and binaural soundscape, where Theta (θ) and Delta (δ) waves could increase the ability of dream-in state.
On the second day, we will dive into the collective creation, and look for ways how technology can help us to express ourselves in the digital space by using different creative technologies.

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