Digital Art Workshop

AR-Loopmachine and Motion Capture with Data Suits

with: Oliver Proske (AR Loopmachine) and Christoph Seeligmüller (Motion Capture with data suits).

What will be offered in the workshop?

Comparable to a loop station for live music, the AR Loopmachine allows interaction with virtual content. This means that users can enter into direct dialogue with pre-produced data.
The AR-Loopmachine is designed for interaction with objects, not for acting in spaces.
Since 2016, the first commercial transparent glasses have been available with which three-dimensional reality can be expanded to include virtual elements. One of the most powerful models owes its name to this "magic leap" made possible by AR technology: "Magic Leap". Despite their enormous possibilities, these glasses have hardly found any applications in the artistic field so far. With the help of the Loopmachine software, it is now possible to relate three-dimensional virtual content to the real environment and to let it enter into a dialogue.
During the workshop, AR glasses of the brand "Magic Leap" will be available for each participant.
Using modern motion capture technology (data suits), we will transfer your movements (facial expressions, gestures) to a figure or character and bring them to life. There will be an introduction to motion capturing (hardware/software). You can try out this technique in a playful way. The data generated via the data suits and your own animations can then be seen in space via the AR glasses.

General information on Augmented Reality and AR Loopmachine Part 1

Explanation of the functioning and operation of the AR-Loopmachine
Augmented Reality: Painting in space
Experiments and tests with the AR-glasses

Introduction to data suits Motion Capture by ROKOKO (hardware / software)

Capturing movements with the data suits
Working with own animations generated from the data suits
Experimenting and testing with the AR glasses and the newly created data

For whom is the workshop: for interested people and laymen

Number of participants: max. 10

Duration: 3 days